What should I wear?

All clothing types are fine, and you remain fully dressed throughout (except shoes!). However, we recommend the removal of belts, watches and chunky necklaces. This will ensure the massage roller mechanism and airbags and operate effectively, and that your personal property will not be damaged.

Do I need to drink water before and after my massage?

Human massage or pod massage, the key advice is the same - always ensure you are fully hydrated prior to your massage and keep well hydrated for the days after your massage avoiding drinks that can dehydrate you further.

Do I need to pre-book?

Pre-booking isn’t essential, and we actively encourage people to walk-in and grab a therapy when it fits in with their schedule. If you have a very specific date and time in mind, we would encourage pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

Can I control the intensity for the massage?


Absolutely. All elements of the massage from the back rollers, right down to the foot rollers can be controlled, and if desired, switched off altogether. This is great for those who have particularly sensitive and ticklish feet 😉

How do I pay?


Pod is a cashless business. We accept major debit and credit cards. Payments for online bookings must be made at the time of booking. Walk-in customers can pay by card in the studio.

Isn’t 20 minutes a bit short for an effective massage?


Unlike a traditional massage, our Pods perform all massage techniques at the same time, which means you can enjoy an effective massage in 20 minutes.  In fact, a 20 minute Pod massage is equivalent to an hours massage with a therapist, yet with more convenience and affordability.


As your brain relaxes and switches off, so does you internal time clock. Suddenly 20 minutes feels more like to 40 minutes! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking the programme has gone on longer that it should! This is very normal. And remember, our PodSquad staff are there to ensure everything operates as it should.

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