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Think you've experienced a massage pod? Think again. Our pods are new cutting-edge patented technology you won't find anywhere else in Europe!
Discover your POD experience now...



Experience a tailored massage matching the contours of your body thanks to the Smart "Bodyscan" functionality.

No matter the programme selected, enjoy uninterrupted reflexology, whilst the compression airbags in the arms, hips, legs and feet promote blood circulation.

The infrared heated "human touch" double roller system massages the upper body and neck, while simultaneously massaging the lower lumbar, glutes and hamstrings meaning a 20-minutes goes even further!


Each of our nine therapeutic POD massage programmes are designed to relieve and improve genuine musculoskeletal issues, and to positively shift mental wellbeing. Experience a truly transformative massage in only 20 minutes, the equivalent of an hour with a therapist.

Expect a good old pummelling and have those problem areas challenged? Absolutely! Control the massage intensity and find the perfect balance of relaxation? Most definitely!


Each massage pod is positioned in its own private and relaxing area, yet ensuring our PodSquad staff are able to manage comfort levels throughout the session.

Our pods are cleaned after every use. Lockers are available for valuables, keeping personal items safe.

For an immersive  experience we offer complimentary relaxing music. Alternatively feel free to bring your own music or meditation to match your mood.



INTENSITY: Medium to High

Limbo your way out of lower lumbar discomfort. Using a combination of therapeutic massage techniques that focus on the lumbar, waist, thighs and hip joints. Follow with 'Rack' for total mobilisation!


INTENSITY: Medium to High

Hold yourself tall. Tap into muscle tension surrounding the spine and connecting lumbar muscles helping to ease congestion and discomfort.  Follow with 'Rack' for total mobilisation!


INTENSITY: Medium to High

For the hunched up desk warriors, your optimal antidote to neck and shoulder woe. Combination of therapeutic massage techniques focusing on muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back.



INTENSITY: Low to Medium

Dissolve stress. Melt muscles. Pod's answer to gentle relaxation. A calming all-over massage using various techniques to encourage relaxation. This programme aids stress and improves sleep quality.


INTENSITY: Medium to High

Pod's  signature massage to elevate your day. A deep tissue Shiatsu massage targeting superficial and deep muscular tension to help you move better, and think better.


INTENSITY: Medium to High

For the deep tissue lovers in need of targeted fascia work through the neck, back and deep into the lumbar. Flex will restore blood flow and balance leaving you feeling revived and ready for the day.



INTENSITY: Medium to High

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork meaning 'finger pressure' that combines differing massage techniques and stretching to target the deep fascia tissue helping release tension and restore mobility.


INTENSITY: Medium to High

All the benefits of an old fashioned stretching rack with 21st century comfort. A deep, invigorating Thai Stretch massage that will mobilise the spine and prepare you for the day.


INTENSITY: Medium to High

A massage of two halves! Limber up with a sumptuous deep tissue top to tail back massage, followed by a  gentle yet progressive stretching fully reclining back in 'zero gravity 2' for greater relaxation.






With so many mental and physical health benefits, taking time out for your personal wellbeing no longer needs to be an occasional treat. 

An immediate benefit of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm as your brain's happy hormones are released. At the same time, levels of stress hormones reduce.


Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones not only impact mental wellbeing, but also impair the immune system, reducing the body's ability to effectively heal itself.


Put simply - more happy hormones, less stress hormones = a good thing!

Physical and mental benefits of massage include:

  • relaxation and lifting of mood

  • reduced stress, anxiety and depression

  • relief from muscle tension and muscoloskeletal disorders, such as chronic low back pain

  • improved circulation and lowering blood pressure

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • increased joint mobility and flexibility

  • improved recovery of soft tissue injuries including delayed onset muscle soreness

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