Hi! I'm Alex, PodMother and Founder of POD.

Having spent 16yrs in the corporate world as a Change Enabler, no matter the industry I worked in, I came across the same problem. Booking hour long and costly massage appointments to manage my musculoskeletal issues and stress never materialised due to availability, time and money. Instead I simply battled on like many others. POD is here to change that!

Who are we? POD is the first Tech Wellness Studio (coined by us!) to hit the high street. We offer wellness therapies using only cutting-edge technology, meaning your POD experience will be free from interruptions, so you can immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

Our mission? POD wants to change the way 21st century workaholics, social animals and busy beavers look after themselves. No matter the wedge in your wallet, the spare minutes in the day, or personal background, POD will help you effortlessly weave wellbeing into the fabric of  your lifestyle.

Elevate those glorious but sore bodies, and beautiful but stressed minds with a sublime 20-minute massage and meditation therapy from as little as £15.

Our massages are 100% contact free, making a POD massage the safest in Brighton.

With POD sessions on tap when you need them, all you need to do is rock-up, take 20, and elevate your day.

POD Wellness Ltd, 4 Hanningtons Lane, Brighton, BN1 1GS


Tel. 07895 254261